What’s in store for the next 12 months

What’s in store for the next 12 months

Scott Jones – Founder and group director IT Leaders had this article published in the March 2014 edition of the Brisbane Business News. See below for the paraphrased content.

TECHNOLOGY and offshore resourcing will be at the centre of the IT sector in the year ahead.

With respect to technological advances, the next 12 months will see a further substantial increase in the adoption of cloud services, both public and private.

Broadly speaking, ‘cloud’ refers to software delivered over the internet. Private cloud will increase in popularity with certain businesses, which have complex software applications that don’t have cloud versions available.

Private cloud gives businesses the ability to put any applications they want in the cloud and dispose of the servers in their offices. Evidently, this has the potential to significantly enhance productivity.

Offshore resourcing is set to explode in 2014, as the SME sector increases hiring office roles offshore in labour hubs like the Philippines.

Offshore hubs are hotspots for recruiting in roles such as administration, bookkeeping, accounting, paralegal, sales support and drafting.

The consultancy Easy Offshore estimates that 25,000 roles shifted to the Philippines in 2013 alone, and the figure will double this year. Around half of those roles will be for SME’s looking to fix profit margins or improve customer service by adding low cost, skilled staff.

This adoption of offshoring will accelerate the adoption of faster internet and cloud technologies because offshore staff must be able to access the business applications and data.

The reverse is also true: faster internet in Australia is accelerating offshore adoption. As internet speeds improve and costs reduce – particularly with the quantum leap of the National Broadband Network – increasingly more tasks will be able to be done effectively by offshore staff.

Offshoring and technology are inextricably intertwined, and 2014 is likely to be the year that the adoption of global resourcing will give rise to major political issues.

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