From the time my membership was accepted it was evident that the EO experience was going to be one filled with integrity, accountability, learning’s and fun.

My time spent with the integration chair was invaluable and really provided the sense of welcome into a new unique family type experience, it was evident from that point forward that EO would provide a secure family like environment (maybe more so than most families). Due to the nature of EO with many members having multiple business dealings my forum placement was challenging for the EO Board. This process in itself was a fantastic learning experience for me as during this time it was evident that I was completely supported and it provided me the opportunity to learn firsthand that the core values of EO were not just a mantra but alive and well with complete integrity and openness from the EO Brisbane Board as they never waivered (or lowered) their standards while dealing with any of the challenges faced with my forum placement.

With the start of a new forum it was suggested that I take on the role of moderator, and albeit with apprehension, I took on the challenge and have been rewarded with continual learning’s within the EO processes, many of which I have been able to take away and implement into my own business. I have had many take home (or take back to forum) experiences from my moderator peers with one major standout for me being that structure is the key to success.  I must admit to being very pleasantly surprised that our forum has soared from strength to strength all within the first 12 months of our forum starting, with many relationships within the forum feeling as though they were forged with a longevity well beyond the time span we have known each other. My EO experience would be best summarized as a 9.9 out of 10 experience, and as such I would like to thank everyone involved at every level within the board and within the EO network.

Adam Marini
September 5, 2013