My ‘Gold Nugget’ from Alan Miltz

My ‘Gold Nugget’ from Alan Miltz

I attended the Alan Miltz learning event along with my General Manager with a simple objective to obtain at least one gold nugget of information that we could implement into our business. We were pleasantly surprised when Alan’s presentation began to open our minds of the many ways in which we could improve our business both on a day to day level and for our future planning.

It was simple and glaringly obvious upon reflection but by creating more transparency throughout the company at every level we could make our jobs at management level much simpler.  Since Alan’s presentation we have incorporated a similar spreadsheet to what he revealed as a document that he would use as a measurement tool for an organisation to transparently capture every aspect of the business, thus creating more clarity for Management to make well informed decisions.

Since incorporating this document ourselves (albeit somewhat modified for our own business) we have a far clearer tool to make better decisions for the greater good of the business.

Adam Marini
EO Brisbane Member

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