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Tamara Trentain

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Hot Tresses
Mitara Empresa

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Advertising / Publication

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Contact details (c/o EO Brisbane Chapter Manager)

Tamara started a marketing company 19 years ago specialising in national and international ASX and established brands. Tamara’s agency also worked closely with medium size private companies to develop and implementing high-growth marketing and sales strategies. The agency grew to be in the top 2% of agencies in Australia.

During this time, Tamara enjoyed working closely with M&As to help increase the value of businesses for acquisition through improved brand equity and sales, whilst demonstrating strong growth trends for the future.This lead to Tamara recently becoming a early stage startup investor with her first venture, FivePointFour seeing 780% growth in the first 12 months. Subsequently, her ability to turn MVPs into seven figure asset values in under 2 years has led to her exploring the VC market through funds management.

Tamara’s speciality is in online sales automation and is an international speaker on the topic. Tamara’s focus is on subscription-based online products/services that use social media channels (low or no cost) to build brands and sales off limited marketing budgets (organic growth strategies).


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