Full Name
Royston Kent

Business Name
B&C Plastics

Business Category
Manufacturing | Personalisation

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Contact details (c/o EO Brisbane Chapter Manager)

* Product Design and Development
* Creating Product Solutions for the CSG and Building and Construction industries
* Plastic Injection Moulding. Yes, manufactured in Australia.

Based in Brisbane Queensland, B&C Plastics is one of Australia’s most trusted injection plastic moulding specialists. With decades of experience, we have one of the most respected teams in the country and are well versed in all stages of plastics development. At B&C Plastics, we also like to do things a little differently.

Even though we are a contract manufacturer, we have total focus on customer service. We are large enough to utilise industry leading technology but small enough to be responsive to all of our clients’ needs.

We also like to keep things simple…

We have developed the B&C Process, a five stage development cycle to ensure that our clients are fully up-to-date and well informed at all stages of production.


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