Full Name
Rohan R. Wood

Business Name
R Wood Family Trust and others

Business Category
Food / Beverage | Real Estate

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Contact details (c/o EO Brisbane Chapter Manager)

* Noted property specialist; combining retail food expertise to make centres work
* Multi-site franchisee and a member of the Retail Food Group  Franchise Advisory Council
* Specialist expertise in project management and consulting - being a key note speaker and course presenter for Chartered Sectaries Association

With a proven track record in professional services business development and management consultancy, Rohan has achieved excellent results in the most demanding business environments.  Rohan has owned and worked for 1st and 2nd tier professional service firms and fully understands the business drivers and how to sell in today’s challenging market environment.

Rohan has worked for and co-owned one of Brisbane’s largest commercial industrial agencies, has completed his full agency training, and managed some of Brisbane’s highest performing agents.  He also has a large network of property owners and investors – consisting of some of the largest players in the Brisbane market place.

More recently, Rohan is a proven multi-site franchisee, contributing to the RFG board through the FAC. He continues to achieve outstanding results in the most challenging business conditions to face the industry.


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