Full Name
Matthew Bellgrove

Business Name
Ashmore City Amcal Chemist
Gooding Drive Compounding Chemist
Parkwood Family Amcal Chemist

Business Category
Health / Medical Services

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Contact details (c/o EO Brisbane Chapter Manager) 

* Professional Services Pharmacist aimed at improving health outcomes and reducing health costs
* Forward dispensing pharmacies to better service the local communities' needs
* Member of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia branch committee which advises the Pharmacy industry on Medicare issues

I hold a number of strong relationships with MP's and local Politicians throughout the Gold Coast area.

My 3 businesses are community pharmacies. They are located within the Gold Coast area and have 3 unique value propositions. Ashmore City Amcal is the largest of the 3 pharmacies and is a popular retail business located in a local shopping centre.  It has 25 staff throughout the week and is very focused on offering patients a number of unique health checks and professional pharmacist services to assist them in better managing their medication.

Parkwood Amcal is a small medical centre pharmacy and is located opposite the new Gold Coast University Hospital. This serves the local population with medication and convenience options.

Gooding Drive Compounding Pharmacy is a uniquely positioned manufacturing pharmacy that produces custom medicines for patients. This business currently provides services for hospitals, medical practitioners and health services throughout Queensland. Beauty clinics and Veterinarian services are a developing customer base as well.


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