Full Name
Kerryn Fewster

Business Name
Change2020 Pty Ltd

Business Category
Consulting Services

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Contact details (c/o EO Brisbane Chapter Manager)
Email: admin@eobrisbane.com.au


  • Partner with individuals and organisations to support the building of a tolerance for ambiguity

  • Coaching leaders and teams to lead and embed transformational change

  • Design organisational strategies, solutions and structures to meet the evolving needs of the organisation.

Our vision is to Embrace ambiguity. We are privileged to partner with businesses Australia wide as they navigate change and embrace the unknown. We partner closely with clients to facilitate transformation and help individuals and organisations to see the opportunities within change! Over a decade of experience tells us that change is the norm; businesses, leaders and teams thrive when they are part of the change and are equipped to lead or navigate the process. People are often programmed to resist ambiguity, but by embracing it we make better decisions, are more creative, more innovative and realise opportunities for better outcomes.

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