5 MINUTES WITH – Adele Blair

Company The Concierge Collective & Neue Experience
Company information  The Concierge Collective provide personal concierge services to the time poor who want to outsource their to-do list to create more time to live.  Neue Experience creates extraordinary experiences for extraordinary people

Board Role Membership Chair for Accelerator

  1. Proudest achievement?
    Longevity.  When all the nay-sayers said “that business will never work”, I’m proud that I have been able to keep pushing forward and never giving up.
  2. Single hardest thing about being an entrepreneur?
    Having to always be ‘on’ there is rarely any respite from your goals; but I secretly love it too!
  3. Are you a big picture or detail driven person?
    Probably more of a detail person, sometimes to my detriment. I need to be mindful of putting my head up and looking at the big picture; my ‘why’.
  4. What other career path could you have chosen?
    I always wanted to be a Heritage Architect.
  5. First department you outsourced?
    Bookkeeping, it’s my Achilles heel, but I’ve forced myself (and continue to) learn and understand the numbers – so important.
  6. Best piece of advice to yell a younger you?
    Always follow your instinct, not the crowd.
  7. Words you live by?
    You’ve got to play the long game.
    I also have two conflicting mantra’s, first is “Make it so” to keep pushing me through challenges, and the other is “Let it Happen” when I’ve done all I can, I just need to be patient and let things roll out the way they are meant to.
  8. Secret skill (that’s no longer secret)?
    I can reverse parallel park ever time!
  9. What makes you tick?
    Being organized, I love it. It helps me focus and helps be create great processes/procedures ~ yeah, I like order *eye roll*
  10. Favourite book?
    That depends which day of the week you ask me! I’m constantly reading (audio) books.  I’ve just finished Brene Brown “The Power of Vulnerability” and I’m now re-reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, but an all time favourite is Good To Great by Jim Collins
  11. Tell us a short (polite) joke?
    What did the green grape say to the purple grape?

5 MINUTES WITH – Royston Kent

Company B&C [Product Development and Manufacturing]
Currently Accelerator Chair for the EO Brisbane Chapter

  1. Proudest achievement, Both my Children, Brandon and Megan are both Entrepreneurial.. watching them and listening to their crazy ideas.. Love it
  2. Single hardest thing about being an entrepreneur, Staying focused and saying no to shiny balls… : )
  3. Are you a big picture or detail driven person, Big Picture with detail, I need to make sure I have people around me that are very processed.
  4. What other career path could you have chosen? Great Question, would have loved to dedicate more time to Cricket and football, The Army was calling me at the same time as my industry was calling.
  5. First department you outsourced, Online Marketing
  6. Best piece of advice to Tell a younger you, Only take professional advice, Look for and find people with real world experience
  7. Words you live by, Opportunity, Trust and Respect, Family, Love, Fun, Smart and Hard
  8. Secret skill (that’s no longer secret) Head Space, to be able to create head space everyday to deal with the unforeseen, Meditation in particular, the Headspace App
  9. What makes you tick, The opportunity to Learn and Grow and the opportunity to help other people learn and grow.
  10. Favourite book, Oldie but a Goodie: Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill