Let’s Do this!

Let’s Do this!

Annika Launay is no stranger to creative ideas, strategy or communications. With previous experience in hospitality, events management and marketing, five years ago Annika set up PDPR Marketing & Creative – a full-service public relations, event activation and marketing firm.

Initially, Annika was introduced to the EO Accelerator Program through an associate. “I actually attended my first event with a colleague who was interested in joining. I enjoyed the experience and was so impressed by my first impression that I joined up.”

“The professional development events and networking opportunities captured my attention. The people were amazing, and I honestly wanted to be a part of it,” Annika recalled.

EO’s gestalt philosophy to shared experiences has provided Annika with the opportunity to align her leadership, business strategy and people towards shared goals and values. “The accountability and learning sessions have definitely helped my business. When you move out of the start-up phase and into the serious, you don’t know what you need until you need it!”

“The Learning Days provide skill development and management tools to help align your business with your goals – helping you to stay on course. For my business, success has come through strategy and managing the human dynamics. We have started to recruit the right people, and generate the right networks. Ensuing division of responsibility is clearly defined amongst the staff has made a huge impact. We are absolutely making accountability count” Annika says.

Annika’s confidence and determination have seen PDPR execute some significant wins. The EO value that Annika most clearly relates to at this stage in her journey is ‘Boldly Go.’ “I had some major decisions for the business in the pipeline,” she said, “The EO program gave me the confidence I needed to go hard or go home. So we moved forward with the expansion of the business into the Sydney market and took on some major new projects.”

“Personally, having the opportunity to align with peers and mentors has been a fantastic experience. The guidance and support I have received is fantastic. I can literally say ‘This is what I am thinking’ and the advice and guidance is there. The people are amazing.”

Sharing experiences both professionally and personally with like-minded entrepreneurs provides extensive growth and encouragement. Annika says, “I would absolutely recommend the program. You don’t know you need it until you start.”

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