Get outside your comfort zone – EO Brisbane did!

Get outside your comfort zone – EO Brisbane did!

Apparently getting outside of your comfort zone every now and then is a good thing. EO Brisbane certainly achieved that with a speaker last week. Dr Ava Cadell gave us a very fundamental and explicit talk on sex and I couldn’t even get her first question to the audience right!

The subject matter fitted very well in with the EO360 theme of business, personal, family and community. Being entrepreneurs, we love to eat, live and breathe business, and will flock to a good business speaker. But I’m a big fan of the 360 theme and think there may be something in the fact we spend so much time on our business/es, we may well be the biggest cause of our own issues in other areas of our life. So bring on Dr Cadell!

It was a great night, I learned lots and I certainly laughed lots, I don’t think I was the only one outside of my comfort zone. There definitely was some reluctance by the audience to make their way to the table to choose one of the rewards for getting a question right, for me it was because I didn’t know what half of them were!!

To round the night off, some of us chose to display our (lack of) prowess at pole dancing.

Mark Bowater


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