EO Brisbane members meet Middle East Strategist

EO Brisbane members meet Middle East Strategist

Members of Brisbane’s Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) met with one of the most authoritative European experts on Islamic terrorism and Middle East Policy this week.

Mr Hagai Segal, consultant, analyst and advisor to more than 19 countries world-wide, imparted his knowledge to the group and explained the nature of the current global environment and the impacts and implications it has on the local private sector.

“We live in a multi-hazard world where business continuity and resilience plans can mean betterment for all society”, Segal said.

EO Brisbane member, Ivanka Menken, commented that “Members of EO have a thirst for learning and that meeting with Mr Segal was another opportunity for members to gain an enhanced understanding of the business environment they operate in and better plan for the future of their businesses and the employees that rely on them”.

Menken went on to explain how EO, a member driven organization, is designed to engage leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow.

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