accelerator-logoIn its third year, EO Brisbane Chapter is proud to announce the Accelerator Program for entrepreneurs who are hungry to learn and grow their business. This is an invitation only, exclusive program for a maximum of 25 participants who qualify.

Did you know that globally there re over 600+ participants in EO Accelerator worldwide and 95% of Accelerators would recommend the program to others.

It is our Mission to empower entrepreneurs with the tools, community and accountability to aggressively grow and master their business.

Launched in 2015, the EO Accelerator Program has been a huge success, with numerous participants reporting significant business improvements. If you are interested in Accelerator apply now and we will get in touch to discuss further.

Benefits of the Accelerator program:

Network of Accelerator Peers
Accelerator is in six countries: Germany, Netherlands, Canada, the United States, Mexico and of course Australia. This presents great opportunity to connect on a global scale with like minded and similar sized participating companies. There is an Accelerator LinkedIN Group, Facebook Group and Twitter page to follow and connect.
The peer network allows for the collaborative application of learning and a peer support for business and personal challenges.

Accelerator Learning Opportunities at the Brisbane Chapter Level
Accelerator participants have access to many chapter events, and it is encouraged that they attend as many as possible. The Brisbane Chapter usually holds 2-4 events a month that focus on a mix of business, self-improvement, social, family and cultural issues. In our Brisbane Chapter we open up a selection of our events to you where you can choose three events this year you would like to attend.

Access to EO Members and Business Best Practices
The classroom experience is supplemented with a mentorship component, as well as networking and social gatherings, which create a thriving and supportive entrepreneurial community. Accountability groups provide a mentored workshop style session where the quarterly event content is applied to the Accelerator’s business through metric based accountability and goal driven growth. Additionally, based on the discretion of the chapter, Accelerators are invited to select EO learning and social events. These events provide access to EO members where Accelerators can harness the experience and best practices of entrepreneurs from around the world.

Accountability Groups
These consist of peer-to-peer sharing with an established group of people on a monthly basis. By sharing experiences through a series of standard language and behaviour protocols, an atmosphere of honesty and trust is created, in which each participant can harness the wisdom of their peers to critically examine any business, personal or family challenge they may face. Accelerators have the opportunity to grow through two ways in these groups: through peers and through their EO mentors.

Quarterly Events
Through a series of quarterly events focused on four core areas: Strategy People, Finance, and Sales and Marketing, this experience-based, three year curriculum is delivered by entrepreneurs, to entrepreneurs. This access to real world experts provides participants with exposure to practical tools that improve the effectiveness of their business.

Do I qualify to join?

Participation in the EO Accelerator program is exclusive. To be eligible you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be the owner or founder of an operating business with a grows yearly revenues between $250,000 to $1M
  • Interested in growing your business rapidly
  • Interested in joining EO when you hit that $1M mark

How do I join?

If you meet the above criterial fill in the application form here.

Sue-Ellen Watts, Brisbane – Membership Chair, will then be in touch with you via phone to answer your questions and to tell you more about Accelerator.

Note: just because you qualify doesn’t mean you will automatically join, not everyone is accepted as we only have 16 positions available at any one time

What are the costs involved?

$2200 annual fee and then just $275 per month.