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Royston Kent B&C Plastics Director and member of Entrepreneurs’ Organisation had this article published in the April 2014 edition of Tradie Magazine Issue 7. See below for the paraphrased content.

Who? Royston Kent – B&C Plastics Director and member of Entrepreneurs’ Organisation.

Where? B&C Plastics – Based in Brisbane, B&C Plastics is one of Australia’s most trusted plastic injection moulding specialists with decades of experience in the industry.

What else? Entrepreneurs’ Organisation. An exclusive group of entrepreneurs and business directors turning over at least $1 million annually.

1.What do you think the perception of the boss is? I have been lucky enough to work on both sides of this fence as both a boss and a team member. I think a perception of the boss can be that they do the least amount of work yet earn the most amount of money. However, team members that really know their bosses will know this is often not the case. You never really know what someone does in their role or position until you have had the experience.

2.What is the hardest part of your job? Delegation can sometimes be harder than it looks. I have a great business partner and together we have a great team working with us here at B&C Plastics, so they all help make operations run smoothly. Delegating the right job to the right individual is the key to achieving this.

3.Can you describe a typical day running a site/being a boss? We do our best to make sure our day is as proactive as possible, but in saying that we do have to be ready to react to certain situations. Each day we have a team huddle to ensure each member of our team is on the same page, which is the key ingredient to kicking of a successful day. From here other day-to-day tasks include maintaining great relationships with customers and suppliers, reviewing sales numbers and managing the team as a whole.

4.How many issues would you have to face on an ordinary day? Depending on what you categorise as an issue, there can be no issues some days. However, there are always areas of the business that are being improved on.

5.How much paperwork do you have to deal with? Personally, I don’t have a lot of paperwork in my day-to-day activities as we use a cloud-based system that has taken a great deal out a lot of the need for physical paperwork. This has helped with our overall productivity, which has been one of the main improvements to our business.

6.Which mistake causes the most paperwork for a boss? And how long does it take? For me the main problem is when processes are not followed, this can cause a whole world of pain for our team and our customers… Process Process Process Process Process.

7.How do you go about hiring a tradie? As a rule we would put the word out into our industry to see who the best is and then headhunt accordingly. We have also had success through advertising and some success with recruitment companies.

8.How much does it cost to employ someone and keep them employed? Wow! What a great question, you can look at this so many ways. I’ve heard a very successful businessman once describe the following.. If I went to the bank and borrowed $1 million dollars it would cost me $60,000 in interest per year. This is an average wage for one of my employees, so I value my employees as if they were all worth $1 million dollars each per year.

9.How did you get to be a boss? Was it a lot of work? I think to be successful at everything in life you have to work hard and smart. I also have an awesome wife and two incredible children that help keep me balanced through the tough times and the good times.

10.Did you realise how hard your job would be before you took it on? I thought it would be easy. From the outside looking in I thought ‘how hard could this really be?’ It involves 80-hour weeks to start, and working twice as many hours and earning less than some of our employees was all part of our learning process. The first six months was very hard but I’m happy to say that now I’m loving everyday.

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