Adele thinks big at EO University Hyderabad

Adele thinks big at EO University Hyderabad

Adele Blair is the Founder and Managing Director of the Concierge Collective, a concierge service for time-poor people to outsource any task or errand they don’t have the time (or inclination) to do. As the EO Accelerator membership chair, and a founding member herself, Adele is quick to espouse the benefits she’s experienced by being an Accelerator member.

“I was looking to be associated with like-minded people in an environment for learning,” she says of her initial decision to join.

She cites the value of being surrounded by other entrepreneurs, and the combination of personal and professional advice this gives her access to.

“The core value of having experience shares, rather than one business coach telling you what to do next, is paramount for me. The experience sharing is so vital. It’s such a trusted environment, and such a safe environment… no fear of judgement; you can be totally transparent and honest.

“When you start to get your head into that space, that’s where the real gold lies.

Adele recently attended the EO University in Hyderabad, India, an event she said surpassed her every expectation. As an Accelerator member, Adele was not eligible to attend the University herself, instead attending as a guest of EO member Sue-Ellen Watts. Having previously attended an EO University in New York, Sue-Ellen raved about the event and told Adele what a powerful experience it would be for her. All the same, Adele was dubious about attending.

“I thought the playground was too big, and that it would be a bit over my head,” Adele said. “But it was exactly what I needed.”

Even outside of her goals and learning as an entrepreneur, Adele found herself enthralled simply listening to the various speakers’ stories. “The University experience was awesome,” she said. “Just to open your eyes to what other people are doing around the world from an interest perspective…the content from the speakers was really exciting.” Though there were innumerable highlights from the event, Adele has a few takeaways she holds close to her heart.

“For me, it was to keep thinking bigger,” she says. “To not just stand still and go, ‘this is enough’.
“It’s almost giving you the confidence through other peoples’ experience, knowing that with the right knowledge and support you can do bigger things. “It’s inspiring to be around that kind of community.”

The EO University Hyderabad event brought together over 400 people from 55 countries, and created an event Adele said only EO could have pulled off.

“We went to a palace for dinner,” she said, “but we didn’t realise until afterwards that the organisers had to liaise with eleven different police districts to arrange a police escort for us through Hyderabad.

“They’d set up tables for dinner, the most lavishly decorated tables, for all 400 of us. You’d never be able to have that experience without someone like EO to pull that all together.”

Dining with entrepreneurs in countless different fields, from all over the world, was incredibly refreshing and reassuring for Adele.

“It was very cool to meet other people and know that, globally, people are in the same boat as you,” she says. “Having the same sort of challenges, and the same sort of wins. The common denominator is that we’re entrepreneurs. You’d never get that from going to a traditional corporate networking event… that is definitely the difference.

“I will definitely make a point of trying to get to a University every year…you’re going to have amazing experiences that you wouldn’t get if you just traveled to those destinations as a tourist, but you also have the opportunity to learn and meet other people.

Adele’s advice to others who might feel like they’re too small a fish for the big pond of EO University?
If you have an opportunity to go to a University, do it.

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